The Offcamber Crew...

Tris - Sales & Online

Rides:  Giant Revolt Advanced Steel De Rosa Neo Primato Cannondale Hooligan. Likes & Interests:   Motorcycles and cycles.  Motorsport of 2 and 4 wheeled variety.

Theresa - Director

Rides:  Occasionally, when she’s not managing the company purse strings! Like & Interests: Jogging & Jazzercise and chatting.

Stuart - Workshop & Sales

Rides:  Stu has tried and tested just about every long travel hard tail going! Current favourite is the Nicolai Geometron G16 | Giant TCX |Cannondale CAAD 12 Dura Ace Likes & Interests:  Bikes, bikes, bikes...  Riding bikes, building bikes, fixing bikes & sometimes fishing.

James - Workshop

Rides: [Insert old crap here] and a Santa Cruz Bronsan.  Wants a Giant Reign-E bike. Likes & Interests:  Tinker-er of a Honda C90.  A true mechanic who loves taking things apart, not always putting them back together though.

Nellie - Shop Dog

Rides:  Once had a backie but prefers chasing bikes or the Quad Bike around the Offcamber XC Loop. Likes & Interests:  Eating anything that falls on the floor and sleeping.

Julian - Director

Rides:  Giant TCR / Propel / Anthem (Any fast and light Giant) Likes & Interests:  Long Distance Running.  Modern history and politics. Red Wine.
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